Poem #70

Thanks to Brett Sullivan for creating this video of his and Erica Schreiner’s musical interpretation of Poem #70 which was performed for A Conclave of Baer during the Summer Antifolk Festival 2016 in Sidewalk Cafe.

70. Do you remember that day in November?
Tinderous treasons slow burning
Smoking a gunpowder black mood
Anonymous plots planned through subterranean subversion
Summer shadows us through fall
Haze limbs keep us afire in the ship of state’s space
Swiping blood aside with mistaken identity questions
Footsteps trampling echoes
Obscuring how tight vendetta’s grip holds
Still smoldering after grasping the straw of revolution
Their iron hand, their tower
Made you sip from the traitor’s camelback
Now your face is exploding everywhere
A mask exhorting people to never forget the summer’s fervor.