Nights Are Burning

Thanks to Peter Dizozza for creating this video for his song based on my poem.

The nights are burning.
Acrid smoke from a Hollywood effects machine
rolling over the town.
A fog of thousands of screaming extras,
Falling Japanese monster movie skyscrapers
And crusading art film zealots
Smothering a shocked city in opiate fever nightmares.
The knights are burning.
An orange poppy of incineration
Lulling them to forever sleep.
A conflagration igniting desire in
The hearts of lotus eaters.
Arabian Knights have stolen our treasure and
Destroyed our talismans of power in 1,001 seconds.
Would that these fires burn away
our fear and hatred
in so short a time.
For now our vulnerability is available
In Sense-A-Round
To show during the burning nights.


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