Poem #61


Thank you to Tunetown Philharmonic for this music video of Poem 61.

Another day gone
Leaving my thoughts to ramble on
To a place where mumblers go
Dead leaf words crumpling
Flaking upon themselves
Partial sound reaching out
Only to be swallowed by a significance singularity
My mind has created around you
Its well shadowcasting the other starlit ideas
Into faint pinpricks
Grains of sand screaming to be noticed
As they are swept over by the tide
Drowning, they are shipped elsewhere to further muddy the waters
The light’s blood darkens as the closet of our lives creaks open
We are not the art piece I hoped
More of a dead collector’s treasure stored in the basement
Tendrils of wear emphasized by damp dust mold line our bodies
So that even caresses fragment
The bare bones of our melody
Bluebeard’s song from another day gone


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