Flash Fiction

Poem #17 has been reinterpreted as a flash fiction piece, “Darkness in my Soul”, thanks to Maria Neuda.

by M.C. Neuda,

I live in a place of darkness. The darkness is in my soul. It entered into me the day you left. Now you will say, I never left, your claws ripped out my heart. And I can’t deny it. My desire for you was all-encompassing, I wanted to devour you not just in spirit but in body, to have my eyes close, to have my teeth sink into your neck, to ignore your screaming, to drink deeply, to sate myself.
When I opened my eyes, you were gone.
And now I live in this place of darkness.
My eyes blinded, my ears deaf, my mouth cutting swaths into people’s souls with my words.
They explode from my lips like glass shards aimed at their hearts.
Love cannot enter here, I don’t allow it in.
For I live in a place of darkness.

From a collaboration with Oliver Baer on the following horror poem:

I live in a place of darkness
Love enters but I don’t allow it in
My eyes refuse to be blinded
My deaf ears are full of flattery and praise
My mouth seems to speak nothing but deprecation
Is it no wonder that I am alone?
I’m the boy with the goblin glass shard in his heart
Walking through the world of the Sun King
Cutting swaths into people’s souls with my words
As I see the awkward moments of their lives
Knives explode out of my hands
A feral desire overtakes me
My eyes close, I reach for you
My claws rip out your heart
My fangs sink into your neck
I ignore the screaming and drink deeply
Sated, I open my eyes, to find it’s not you
And I remember why I live in this place of darkness


Baer Berger

Thanks to Daniel Saftler for this video of the Baer Berger show. Jon Berger and I read our poems and perform to the music of Suhaib Kiani and Sharmeen Malik. More than the gloves come off…

Poem #70

Thanks to Brett Sullivan for creating this video of his and Erica Schreiner’s musical interpretation of Poem #70 which was performed for A Conclave of Baer during the Summer Antifolk Festival 2016 in Sidewalk Cafe.

70. Do you remember that day in November?
Tinderous treasons slow burning
Smoking a gunpowder black mood
Anonymous plots planned through subterranean subversion
Summer shadows us through fall
Haze limbs keep us afire in the ship of state’s space
Swiping blood aside with mistaken identity questions
Footsteps trampling echoes
Obscuring how tight vendetta’s grip holds
Still smoldering after grasping the straw of revolution
Their iron hand, their tower
Made you sip from the traitor’s camelback
Now your face is exploding everywhere
A mask exhorting people to never forget the summer’s fervor.

Radical Vaudeville Reading Performance

I did a poetry performance piece for a Radical Vaudeville show in July 2015. Unfortunately, it is hard to hear what I’m saying. The link is on Facebook but it won’t stay here. Something about it does not want to be seen. Perhaps it does not matter as the rest of the madness is revealed. Beatboxing by Terry “Kid Lucky” Lewis, Dancing by Kathrynn Dunn and Venus Pain, Background Video by Karl Erickson

Nights Are Burning

Thanks to Peter Dizozza for creating this video for his song based on my poem.

The nights are burning.
Acrid smoke from a Hollywood effects machine
rolling over the town.
A fog of thousands of screaming extras,
Falling Japanese monster movie skyscrapers
And crusading art film zealots
Smothering a shocked city in opiate fever nightmares.
The knights are burning.
An orange poppy of incineration
Lulling them to forever sleep.
A conflagration igniting desire in
The hearts of lotus eaters.
Arabian Knights have stolen our treasure and
Destroyed our talismans of power in 1,001 seconds.
Would that these fires burn away
our fear and hatred
in so short a time.
For now our vulnerability is available
In Sense-A-Round
To show during the burning nights.